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Bar beer dispenser
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Bar offers alcoholic beverages to consumers such as beer, grape wine, imported winecocktail and so on, it  is an elegant entertainment place where the social elites gathering. Where there is beer there is beer dispenser of Meilanke. Service of a bar is particularly wide. That means supplying more types of beer for this particular occasion is especially important. We need to pay attention to the following notices when choosing beer towers.

1.If the hole can be connected in parallel. Because there are many kinds of beer, in order to meet different customers’ needs. Pubs generally use perforated stainless steel beer tower, this product is professional tailored for the bar.

2.If the beer tower is beautiful. Bar is a trendy place of fashion, and beer tower is a large object on a bar counter, so the appearance of beer tower required to be beautiful and merged together with the style of bar. For example back – to - ancients style bar suits with antique brass-plated vintage style beer towers. This style of beer towers integrated into decoration of bar, old style gives a feeling back to the medieval era of Cowboys. Avantgarde bar using a simple fashion style of stainless steel draft towers. This draft towers have a stronger sense of ultra modern, make the whole bar more stylish, simple. Industrial style bar uses straightforward and bold style stainless steel dispenser, of course, beer glasses and other accessories should also match the type of style.

3.If the beer tower with light box. In din dusky bar, the light box can help customers to choose their own taste of beer also enhance the light atmosphere of bars. Meilanke’s 6001 lights series towers are suitable for bars.

6001 light series beer dispenser use high quality LED lights, its basic structure is a piece of electro luminescent semiconductor material chip solidified on a holder with gel. Then connect the chip and a circuit board with silver wire. It’s all sealed with epoxy resin to protect the internal core. LED lights hold the advantages of good seismic performance, energy saving, long life and wide applicability. Because the single light is small, it can be made into any shape. It has short response time of ns (nanoseconds) level, while ordinary lamps is in the ms (milliseconds) level. And also it is environmental friendly material without harmful metals.

4.In order to reduce the labor costs of a bar we developed a convenient beer-add equipment newly. This product shapes like a bag. Staff can put this product on his back with container full of beer in it. If a guest needs to add beer, the waiter only have to open beer taps on hand beside the customers to supply delicious beer to them. This greatly reduces the waiters’ time for walking back and forth so as to reduce 30% staffs.