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Draft taps in hotel
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Hotel mainly offers visitors accommodation service, also offer visitors facilities and places for dining, gaming, entertainment, shopping and business center, banquet and meeting. Beer tower is obbligato in a top grade hotel. The below tips should be specially paid attention to when selecting beer towers used in hotels.

1.The grade of a beer tower is the most concerned point in a hotel. To some degree a top grade beer tower stands for the consuming tastes of a hotel, giving customers a better life experience. In General, chrome-plated brass beer tower is more appropriate for the standards of the hotel. For example Meilanke’s 6081-series top grade chrome beer tower, the shell is made of a gravity casting processing technic and once shaping, product line beautiful and smooth, made of good quality brass material, has excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, go through 8 times buffing the surface using lead-free coating thickening process as electroplating. According to different needs of hotel, it has gold PVC plating, the gold-plated bronze, brushed-electroplating, polishing plating. It is the best choice for a hotel.

2.For express hotel chain, in consideration of cost-efficient, it is  recommended to use standard stainless steel beer towers, this product has simple structure, is easy to maintain ,and also has a high cost-performance for every single product. Some hotel with buffet in consideration of the costs recommended 8081 series automatic drinking beer taps, the characteristics of the product is consumers can use small mugs avoiding wasting beer.

3.Certainly we can also make various different types of beer towers completely according to customers’ requirements. we have a professional design team. After receiving customers’ orders, firstly, our design team will design the product out through 3D modeling software. Then customer confirmation. And it takes nearly 20 days to make model. Next, we will deliver the model to customer to confirm. After the sample is confirmed we will begin to carry out mass production. Our design team has a number of design patents and patents for invention, when customers see our patent product, they can choose the way of transactions, cooperation or patent transfer.