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Draft taps in wine cellar
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In General, large shopping malls, bars and hotels should have their own wine cellar as a place for storing wine. Due to the special wine storage air humidity, ambient temperature, shock, stack, location and other requirements are particularly high, the selecting of beer taps for the wine cellar needs to pay attention to these tips below:

1.The wine cellar is generally in the humid underground, so the best selection is the stainless steel faucet rather than the copper material beer taps. Copper in the dark and humid environment prone to corrosion, which affect the taste of wine.

2.Due to the special wine storage environment, you’d better not chose beer taps with a light box, because the light box produces steam in humid environments, which easily leading to wires being aging, and bringing security risks to the wine cellar.

3.Meilanke’s 6021 stainless series beer towers--Their main body structure and inner tube are made of food-grade stainless steel and being brushed-surface treatment. The whole product machinery connects without electrical components which is perfect for the wine cellar.

4.In a wine cellar the ventilation equipment needs to be installed to control the atmosphere humidity, the installation of this device aims to maintain good air conditions in the wine cellar. Alcohol evaporates too much into air leads to accumulate of flammable gas, thats dangerous. The suitable wine storage temperature is 55℃—75. If the atmosphere is too dry it is easier to make the cork stopper try out without elasticity then cannot seal the wine bottle tightly. If it is too wet it’s easily rot the cork and the wine label. Appropriate atmosphere humidity can make staffs breathe better, and keep the cellar dry and clean. We developed 6031 series beer tower with indoor hygrometer on it, the wine cellar humidity can be displayed on it correctly , it is a good choice for wine cellar beer.

5.Wine cellar temperature requirements to be controlled strictly. The normal storage temperature for wine is 10 ~16, the maximum should not exceed 24 degrees, otherwise precious wine taste will be destroyed. But the most important thing is the stabilization of temperature, because not only the expansion and contraction due to temperature change make wine seep out cork and accelerate oxidation , and also temperature mutations can cause wine produce unwanted substances in the aging process, lead to flavor variations even spoil.  It is acceptable so long as it can maintain a constant temperature 5 ° c to 20 ° c , but too cold cellar the wine will age slowly, have to wait much longer time, too hot the wine will mature too quickly, make the wine tastes not rich.  So control a constant temperature is the key to wine cellar wine storage.

6031 beer tower design with an indoor temperature gauge, wine cellar administrator can control the cellar temperature according to the degree on the gauge.