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Residential Beer Dispenser
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With the development of time, living standards, as well as beer culture, people have higher demand for the beer.Because of cultural differences, people in many places still drink bottled beeror use simple beer dispenser (drill a hole in the barrel and install taps on them, then wrap beer  into kraft paper bags), it’s neither beautiful nor healthy.

Use Meilanke beer towers and beer taps, so that more people can drink clean, hygienic and delicious beer. Residential beer dispenser  makes people's life more comfortable.

1.Firstly, check out if the parts and components that beer tower needs are completely prepared before installing the beer dispenser. (Includes: beer taps, the wine column, beer machines, dispensers, Spears, barrels of wine, beer pressure reducing valve, carbon dioxide cylinders, hoses, lights)

2.After installing the beer dispenser, We recommend that you freeze the beer for 2 hour before drinking it, so that you can get more delicious beer.

3.When you are purchasing residential beer distribution system equipments, it is better to choose the same brand, this will not only makes the procurement process simple, also makes it easy for maintenance and repair. If you can not purchase  individual parts  from the same manufacturer, you should remember the matching size before purchasing, so that every component of dispenser will be connected securely.

4. Beer distribution system should be cleaned periodically while under using to avoid beer residues left on beer taps fermenting with bacteria after long-term use which could affect the taste of beer and human health seriously. Cleaning steps:

1). Turn off the power, shut down carbon dioxide tank and coupler before cleaning, and then put out  the beer in the beer taps. 

2). Remove the beer tap, beer-column (beer Tower), the coupler and put them on a clean table separately. The dismantled parts should be classified safely. You can classify and put them in several different plastic sorting boxes one by one.);

3). clean the components in accordance with the product specification one by one, and wipe up water.Be careful not to hurt the components,  so as not to affect the sealing properties);

4). Assemble the cleaned parts, and install them on the beer dispenser system; 

5). Turn on the carbon dioxide tank, coupler, turn on the power, try to confirm that the installation is available for 3 times .

5. Treatment plans for product issues that often arise in the process of using: 

1).There is only a very small outflow of beer or no beer out when the beer taps are turned on. In this case, please check out if the coupler above the draft keg and the carbon dioxide tank are opened and check out  whether the the pressure gauge value is within the normal range; 

2). The beer taps opened with a lot of bubbles. Under this case, please check the amount of beer in the draft keg to confirm that if it is required to add some beer in. Meanwhile, make sure the cylinder pressure is not too high; 

3).If the beer is not cool enough, make sure the power supply is connected well and the temperature of beer machine is not too high . Check if the connection pipe insulation is intact.