Дома Динамика What should we pay attention to while drinking?
What should we pay attention to while drinking?

Beer is loved by people deeply, but  the considerations on drinking are more likely to be ignored. For example, drinking beer while eating a kebab is inappropriate. Today I will  introduce four points of attention to you.

Firstly,  Advising consumers not to purchase labels logo is not standardized, use a binding package or non B word mark glass bottles of beer, so as to avoid  the occurrence of a glass bottle explosion, endanger the health of people.

Secondly, the best drinking temperature of beer is about 8~10, the solubility of carbon dioxide contained in beer will change with temperature, suitable temperature can make various ingredients stay balance and give the best taste.

Thirdly, Beer must not be frozen. Not only will frozen beer tastes bad, but also has lower nutritional value. And make protein decomposition, free.  Meanwhile, it is easy to burst the bottle, causing injury.

Fourthly, it is not suitable to drinking beer while eating smoked food. Smoked foods contain organic glue and polycyclic hydrocarbons, benzopyrene, amino acid derivatives produced by cooking. When drinking too much and making blood lead levels increase, these above-mentioned substances will combine with it which may cause digestive disorders and even cancer.

So, do you remember the above suggestions?